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How to Choose the Best SAP Module for a Fresher

SAP is an Enterprise Resource Planning solution (ERP) that permits a firm to control databases from a single unified system for different processes. SAP ERP systems offer many modules and every module in SAP serves a different purpose and has its own demand. Out of all modules, some modules which we’ll discuss below have particular relevance and are chosen by most people, especially freshers. 

Freshers who want to pursue their career in SAP are always in a dilemma of which is the best SAP module to choose among the lot. Well, the answer to this question is, what’s your area of expertise? This answer will help you to navigate correctly into SAP as SAP is a vast area and finding the right SAP Modules which interest you is very crucial.

There are various modules like Programming, Administration, Material Management, Sales and Distribution, Finance, Warehousing, etc, and every business process is one big area so, ask yourself where do you fit in. SAP modules are bifurcated into technical and functional modules.

While choosing any Module, one should consider these aspects:

  • Career prospects in the select module
  • Academic background
  • Work experience
  • Career goals
  • Interest

If you have an interest in programming and have programming experience then choose SAP ABAP as knowledge of ABAP will open up a host of opportunities right from the traditional technical consulting in SAP ERP applications to new products such as SAP Cloud or HANA. But if not, try exploring out in any of the functional areas and then decide accordingly.

SAP Materials Management (SAP MM) is one of the modules for people who are attracted to the functional side of SAP as SAP MM correlates processes mostly to real-life scenarios and it is an interesting module and there is a lot of ground to cover. SAP MM also integrates directly with other ERP modules like FI/SD/PP/PM etc. and other SCM modules like APO/EWM etc. This opens up opportunities for cross-learning.

If someone has a specific background like finance & accounting, production/mechanical engineering, sales, etc. it’s better to go for a module in which the qualification or previous experience can help for example a finance & accounting background fresher should opt for SAP FI.

Best SAP Module for a Fresher

1) SAP Materials Management (MM)

SAP material module deals with overall material management in an organization right from planning, procurement, inventory management, procession, and production of the material which also includes invoice verification, consumption-based planning, vendor master data, etc. You can pursue SAP MM online training and certification.

Job profiles: 

SAP MM Functional Consultant

Purchase Executive

SAP Trainer

Team Leader

2) SAP Human Capital Management (HCM)

In any organization, the HCM module takes care of the data management and work process within the HR department. This module enables HR to hire, evaluate performance, manage promotions, payroll compensations, etc. 

Job profiles:

SAP HCM Functional Consultant

Project Manager SAP

SAP HR Functional Consultant

HR Operations Executive

SAP ABAP Hr Consultant

3) SAP Financial Accounting (FI)

In any organization, the SAP FI module is the most flexible and functional module of SAP and deals with financial transactions, and works well during a financial crisis. SAP FI combines with other SAP modules for better results and functions well for reporting requirements. This module helps the team in an organization to administer data involved in business transactions. 

Job profiles:

SAP FICO Functional Consultant

Accounts & Finance Executive

SAP FI Consultant

SAP FICO Trainer

SAP Finance Consultant

4) SAP Controlling (CO)

In an organization the SAP controlling module ropes in the whole process of business operations by planning, monitoring, and reporting. SAP CO organizes and manages the budget for financial reporting. SAP CO incorporates configuration and management of master data, which covers Operating Concern, Controlling Area, Profit Center, Profit Center Hierarchy, Cost Center, and Cost Center Hierarchy, etc.

Job profiles:

SAP Co Consultant


Team Leader

SAP FICO Consultant

Internal Auditor

5) SAP Production Planning (PP)

SAP PP module takes care of production planning and management which includes system configuration, transactions, and master data. To accomplish production this module teams up with product planning which involves cost, material requirements, distribution resources, sales, and operations master data planning, etc.

Job profile:

SAP PP QM Consultant

SAP PP Functional Consultant

SAP PM Consultant

SAP PS Consultant

Production Engineer

6) SAP Sales and Distribution (SD)

In an organization, the SAP SD module has a broad management range and deals with Sales and Distribution which is a very important aspect of any enterprise. These modules are related to pricing, quotations, proposals, and other inquiries and they also work effectively in inventory control and management. The respective modules take care of shipping and Transportation, Transactions, System Configuration and Master Data, Credit Management, Sales Support, Sales Information, System Sales, etc. You can take up the SAP SD course in BTM Bangalore.

Job Profiles:

SAP SD Consultant

Business Analyst 

7) SAP Quality Management (QM)

In an organization, the SAP QM module helps in quality management which is a very important factor in determining the success of an organization. This module keeps a check on quality by following different processes which ensures the quality of any product. This module includes control, inspection, audit management, organizing, production, and procurement for sales.

Job Profile:

SAP PP QM Consultant

Software Engineer


Advisory Consultant

Application Consultant

SAP as a whole is so elaborate that it cannot be covered for a lifetime. To reach a professional approach even one certification requires enough time so before finalizing a module give a deep thought and then take the leap. You can go for SAP Training in Bangalore to acquire the required skills. There are many good SAP training institutes in BTM Bangalore.

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