How to prevent Being a Woman’s Rebound Guy | the metropolitan Dater

A rebound guy is someone who unintentionally fulfills a space in a lady’s love life, immediately after she breaks up with another guy she cares about. Getting a rebound guy is hard, as the girl you happen to be online dating still has feelings for an individual more, and has nown’t moved on sufficiently after a breakup to support a relationship.

Almost certainly, you are headed for heartbreak any time you turn into a gap-filler for a female with emotional baggage. But there are ways possible spot the signs that getting severe with a woman was an error, if she only desires you as the woman rebound man.

Discussion killer

Any time you date a female and she constantly discusses her ex, it is time to make a quick escape. Whenever a lady nevertheless feels powerful ties with a former partner, it’s likely that she defintely won’t be able to resist the desire to create him into every dialogue.


It’s fine for a female for a lot of items which show her former union inside her residence. However, if she’s a prominent photograph of by herself with her ex on show, beware. The same holds true if she consistently hold a photo of the woman previous partner inside her handbag, or keeps a cuddly comfortable toy the girl ex offered the girl on the pillow.


In the event the girl you may be dating insists on going out in spots she understands this lady ex frequents, think of this as an indication that she desires to be in near proximity to him. You are merely indeed there to help make doing so much less difficult, and/or to create him envious.

Diminished interest

Whenever a female whom recently had a breakup dates you, but never ever bothers to ask you questions relating to your self or tries to get acquainted with you as someone, it’s likely that she is nevertheless yearning on her behalf ex. A female that is willing to date you’ll end up contemplating you.

Personal cues

If you are on a romantic date with a lady along with her buddies keep inquiring their exactly how the woman ex is, its most likely that she’sn’t well informed all of them that this lady and her ex are not any longer with each other, and you’ve got to inquire about your self the reason why this can be. Can it be that she hopes that they’re going to end up being reunited? Likewise, if a lady does not correct her friends if they discuss their and her ex as though they were still products, this might be an indication that she’sn’t ready to date you but.

Being a lady’s rebound man isn’t any enjoyable. It is safer to determine the woman you happen to be matchmaking continues to have feelings for her ex when you have major. If this lady has its recommended to not get “in also deep”.

Try expanding your love interest by upping your very own circle of buddies, good place to start is activities such as for instance speed internet dating or find a friend online (you will find
many sources
out there to assist).

Interested in the symptoms mentioned could help you shouldn’t be a part-time love, instead a permanent installation in a woman’s existence.